PROJECT 218 raises funds to assist families and campers to make YCamp possible. Our goal is to provide 218 campers with financial aid every summer.

Throughout YCamp's history, quality programming at an affordable cost has been paramount in the mission. With the creation of Tiered Pricing, camper fees are kept affordable for families. YCampers come from throughout Maine and across North America, and from all many different socio-economic backgrounds. Indeed, it is this unique mix that makes the YCamp experience so special.

Making this opportunity available for all children comes at a cost. The annual budget struggles to provide the funds necessary to maintain buildings, afford program updates, and construct facilities designed to meet the changing times.

The last capital improvement plan brought about much needed updates. The State YMCA Board of Directors have continued to provide project funding for specific areas since that time, there are many more needs that need to be addressed. New camping standards necessitate resurfacing of several camp roads and repair of the main power line into camp. Investments need to be made to buildings that are over 100 years old.

For this reason, the State YMCA Board of Directors continue to raise funds to support Capital Improvements, Program Development, and PROJECT 218 (annual support). The collective leadership on the Board of Directors spans more than seven decades. Please consider a gift to YCamp that fits with your passions and interests. The Capital Improvement fund will help secure our physical plant. The Program Development fund will help upgrade program supplies and allow new programs at Camp. PROJECT 218 provides scholarships for campers to come to Camp who would otherwise not be able to afford the experience.