Sending Mobile Letters to your camper

You can exchange mobile letters with your camper using the Campanion app! See Registered, now what? for information about setting up your Campanion account.

In the app, please select the Menu tab in the top left corner and choose Letters. You can compose a new mobile letter by clicking the compose button in the top right corner and selecting your camper. Once you have composed your message, make sure to select the box that reads “I would like a handwritten response" before hitting send.

All mobile letters are printed daily and delivered to campers at Rest Time. If you have selected “I would like a handwritten response,” your camper will receive your mobile letter as well as a blank sheet to write a response. Their handwritten responses will be scanned and sent back to you and will appear in the Inbox in your Campanion app.

Mobile letters require 1 Camp Stamp to send. Camp Stamps can be purchased through your CampInTouch account. 

Sending Letters

If you would like to send letters to your camper, please send to this address:

(Camper's First & Last Name, Boys/Girls Cabin Number)
YMCA Camp of Maine
PO Box 446
Winthrop, ME 04364

If you would like to encourage your camper to write home, include self-addressed and stamped envelopes in their luggage along with some stationary and a pen or pencil. Counselors will remind campers to write home along with assisting them if needed - we cannot guarantee results.

Sending Packages

Packages should be no larger than a size 10 shoe box please. Packages larger than a size 10 shoe box will be held, unopened until the parent/guardians claim them at pick-up. Please do not send food, powdered drinks, candy, chocolate or gum. Food attracts mice, raccoons, skunks and more. All food sent to camp will be discarded.

Baggage, Trunks and packages should be sent UPS or FedEx, addressed to the camper. Please notify Camp if you plan to ship baggage.

(Camper's First & Last Name, Boys/Girls Cabin Number)
YMCA Camp of Maine
305 Winthrop Center Rd 
Winthrop, ME 04364