Cabins spend the first few days of every session together. They travel as a group to every major program area (Waterfront, Sports, Creative Arts (A&C), Outdoor Life (OLS)) and have opportunities to try a variety of activities. Then, campers will choose their individual activities for the second half of the first week and all of the second week.

When it is time to choose activity periods, counselors work with campers to understand their choices and help them create a list of classes in which they would like to participate. Campers are called at random to make their selections, and create their week’s schedule. This experience teaches decision making, prioritization, patience, and learning new skills. 

Along with traditional, yet individualized activities, counselors bring their unique talents and passions along with them each summer. The list of available choices and the opportunities to learn something new is great for all.

Our experienced, certified lifeguards ensure our campers are safe, while utilizing the waterfront. Additionally they are responsible for facilitating our instructional and recreational aquatic activities.


A sample of the waterfront activities we offer at camp includes: 

  • Canoeing, Kayaking
  • Sailing, Paddle Boarding
  • Island Swim, War Canoeing
  • Swim Lessons

Note: All of Kennebec Porch and Cobbossee Cabins are assigned to a period of Swim Lessons. Cabin buddies get to share this experience together.



A sample of the sports activities we offer at camp includes:

  • Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball
  • Basketball, Fitness Classes
  • Soccer, Yoga
  • Tennis, Zumba


Outdoor Life

Tent made of sticks

A sample of the outdoor life activities we offer at camp includes:

  • Archery, Fishing
  • Fort Building, Outdoor Cooking
  • Challenge Course, Overnight Camping
  • Creature Catching, Gardening

Creative Arts

Kids drawing

A sample of the creative art activities we offer at camp includes:

  • Acting, Ceramics
  • Sketching, Guitar and Ukulele 
  • Dancing, Bracelet Making  
  • Nature Art, Photography