LITs and CITs are critical members of the YCamp Community. Campers want to be them, and counselors wish they were them. LITs and CITs are honing their skills for leadership. We all have a capacity to lead and when we are able to reflect on our own strengths and areas for improvement, we are able to be molded and work toward our own leadership potential. It is important to YCamp that the leaders in our community are genuine to themselves and are contributors to our success.

Leader In Training (LIT)

LITs play an important role in camp as they learn how to be positive leaders - at Camp and in their home community - with their unique personality. Participants are developing as leaders in their own communities, and at YCamp, they will carry the torch of YCamp’s tradition. Many of our staff members are former campers, who have participated in our leadership development program. Space is limited in this program to ensure every participant can experience a personalized, intentional program.

The program schedule for LITs is full of activities that help the individual explore their own leadership style, develop skills for leading small and large groups, and increase their capacity to lead at YCamp and at home. LITs are evaluated throughout their experience so they can grow, learn, and explore. It is important that everyone is encouraged to grow their capacity to lead based on their own talents and desires.

Role models pay an integral role in all of our development. Counselors at YMCA Camp of Maine are no different. LITs learn the power of role modeling and the importance of living with the four core values (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring) and leading with them to encourage a positive environment.

Program Requirements

  • US campers must be 15 years old by June 1.
  • International campers must be 16 years old by June 1.

Application Process

Complete the online Camper Registration Form for the LIT Program and pay a $200 deposit.

Counselor In Training (CIT)

CITs continue their personal journey of leadership development while focusing on specific Camp Counselor skills. Each person has their own leadership goals, and this program helps participants grow as individuals, while increasing their leadership potential in all aspects of their life.

CITs work within their small group to develop skills. Participants are individually assigned to cabins and program areas, which give them real, hands-on experience. CITs are provided with opportunities to grow and develop as young adults, leaders, peers, and mentors as they emerge as professionals.

Program Requirements

  • US participants must be 16 years old by June 1.
  • International participants must be 17 years old by June 1.
  • Completion of the LIT program is preferred. Limited spaces available.

Application Process

Application Opens

Immediately after LIT session closes.

Application Closes

October 31

References Complete

November 15

Notification Emails Sent

January 2

Throughout the CIT experience participants have a variety of opportunities to learn and practice life skills. The CIT experience begins now. Completing an application process is a part of our Leadership Development program. Potential CITs will complete a job application form, provide references, and complete onboarding forms. There is no fee to participate in this program, and no compensation is provided. This is a volunteer opportunity.

As a young leader, this may be the first time going through an application process. While we appreciate that parents/guardians may have a desire to help guide through the process, we want to work with YOU - the potential participant. Acknowledging that this process is covering a lot of firsts in a young leader's life, we take strides to keep the process supportive and educational. There is room for questions and hope that the potential CIT and their parent/guardian can take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow.

Getting Started

To get started, visit our Application Portal to find the CIT/Staff Application Form.

You must create a new user account (do not use the login that your parent or guardian has used to register you as a camper). Once you have created a username (email) and password, please continue to fill out the required fields. This email address will be used to contact you, and will grant you access to your employee portal, should you be accepted.


You will need to submit two references: ONE personal/family reference (parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt, uncle, close family friend) and ONE professional reference (teacher, coach, supervisor, faith leader, mentor). The professional reference should be from outside of YCamp.

Always make sure to ask the person whom you are offering as a reference, before you submit your application. When you submit your application, your references will automatically be sent an online form that is linked to your application. When they complete and submit this form, the recommendation requirement is met.

Welcome to CIT

An email will be sent on January 2nd, to the CIT applicant, sharing the news of either acceptance into the CIT program, or onto the waitlist.

Along with acceptance into the CIT program, future CIT will be provided with a CIT Participant Description, Code of Conduct, and some other forms and documents. These will outline the expectations and requirements of the CIT program, to be reviewed and signed by both the participant and a parent/guardian.