Staff Benefits

You will never have a job that compares to working at camp!

YCamp Culture

While working at YCamp, you become immersed in camp life: 100+ years of history and traditions, building unique, strong friendships with people from around the world, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Lake Living

YMCA Camp of Maine is a traditional, rustic camp, on a beautiful lake; an idyllic location to spend your summer. Staff enjoy free room and board, including three freshly prepared meals each day.

Make a Difference

The opportunity you have at camp to impact campers' lives is immense! You will help develop skills, create memories, build confidence and shape the lives of your campers every day!

Professional Development

The leadership skills you learn and develop though working at camp are focused in effective communication, problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, creative thinking, and effective management. These skills are valuable while at camp, useful in school, and vital for success in today's workforce. Providing our staff with opportunities for personal and professional growth begins on Day One at YCamp, with our ten days of staff training.


Different Roles at camp require different certifications. (First Aid, CPR, Archery, Lifeguarding) If we require you to have a certain certification, we will coordinate with you so you are able to obtain it prior to the start of camp.

Get Paid To Play

You earn a salary that is industry competitive and is progressive, based on age, experience, and certifications.

Time Off

All staff enjoy scheduled time-off each day and a 24 hour period off each week throughout the summer in order to recharge.

Internship Opportunities

Paid Internships are available for staff. Work with your advisor to determine if YCamp is a good fit for you to accomplish the necessary program requirements. Once you have been hired at YCamp we will be happy to assist you with the next steps.

Pro Deals

While working at camp, you have access to discounts offered by many companies which sell products like clothing, footwear, sunglasses, and outerwear.

Skills Cultivated By Camp Employment

Translating Camp Employment To Your Resume