Dining Hall

Mealtimes at YCamp are highlights in our day, for many reasons. Not only are our meals freshly prepared, with care placed on variety and nutrition, they also include many fresh ingredients, grown in our own camp gardens! Along with an entrée from the camp kitchen, each meal allows access to our Breakfast Bar/Salad Bars to provide additional healthy options.

Our Chef and kitchen staff are experienced in preparing meals for a variety of dietary requirements, and ensure all campers and staff have access to well balanced meals.

Meal times are social times at YCamp. Cabin groups sit together, around round tables, and lively conversations unfold. Campers are encouraged to share about their day's activities and friendships are unknowingly formed and strengthened. With singing and cheering, each meal feels celebratory and ends when the clean-up music commences.

Please contact us with any questions and concerns about your child's dietary needs.

Watch this video to learn more about what meal-time looks like at camp!