Camp Life

Camper-elected activities include sessions of learning new skills, fostering friendships, practicing leadership qualities, and having fun! Campers and counselors interact together throughout the whole day. Schedules create opportunities for campers to spend time with many other campers and counselors throughout their day.

Cabins are the basis of the camp community - a place to connect, a group to identify with, and cabin counselors to have as role models. Creating friendships, developing leaders, and increasing self-confidence are the goals of YMCA Camp of Maine's programming.

At YCamp, outdoor activities are paramount to the daily schedule. Whether campers are walking to the Dining Hall and activity periods, or going to Pottery and playing on the Sports Fields, activity and movement are inherent in the camp routine to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Evening Programming

Along with the wide variety of activities we offer throughout the day, our counselors also prepare special activities for each night that range from camp-wide games on the sports field to camper-focused Camparets and skits in the auditorium! These programs offer a mix of cabin-led specific activities, whole village specific activities and all camp activities.

Of course, we can not forget our camper's favorites. These include the YCamp Disco and our Camp Fires.

Weekend Programming

During our two-week sessions, the weekends look a little different than our normal weekday scheduling. The weekend is full of camp-wide activities that gets everyone involved and contributes to their team's success. These can include YCamp Olympics, Carnivals, Quests and many more fun events.

Watch this video to learn more about programming at YCamp.