Packing List for Y Camp

This list is a guide to help make sure campers have what they need while at Camp.

Enough supplies should be packed for the entire session because laundry service is only offered for campers staying over between sessions for an additional fee. Keep in mind that luggage is stored underneath or beside beds in cabins, so extra storage space is limited.

Please pack quantities and items that you feel will be important to help your camper be prepared for a variety of activities and all possible weather. During Maine summers, nights can be as cool (55 degrees F) and days can be in the 90's.

    - A Trunk, Plastic Tote, or Large Suitcase (to hold everything fully enclosed)

    - Shorts
    - T-Shirts
    - Jeans / Long Pants
    - Sweatshirts / Fleece
    - Socks
    - Underwear
    - Pajamas
    - Bathrobe
    - Rain coat
    - Swim suits (no "speedos" for boys)

    - Sneakers (2 pairs)
    - Sandals / Flip-Flops
    - Rain Boots

    - Sleeping Bag or Blankets (2)
    - Pillow with Case
    - Single Sheets (2)
  • (*If your child is known to wet the bed please send extra bedding for discreet washing of soiled bedding.
    - Soap
    - Shampoo & Conditioner
    - Deodorant
    - Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    - Razors & Shaving Cream
    - Hair Brush / Comb
    - Bath Towels (2)
    - Beach Towels (2)
    - Face Cloths
    - Shower Bucket
    - Laundry Bag
    - Feminine Hygiene Products

- Flashlight with Extra Batteries
- Insect Repellent
- Sunscreen
- Water Bottle
- Stationery, Envelopes, Pens & Stamps
- Ball Cap / Sunglasses

- Tennis Racquet
- Musical instruments
- Camera
- Notebook for Writing
- Books
- Playing Cards
- White T-shirt(s) to Tie-Dye
- Baseball / Softball Glove

- Personal Electronics (TVs, radios, cell phones, iPods & music players, iPhones, digital book readers, computers, tablets, game players, etc.)
- Valuables
- Expensive Cameras
- Jewelry
- Pocket Knives
- Guns
- Duct Tape
- Hatchets
- Fireworks
- Hair dryer, Curling Iron, & Straightening Iron
- Skateboards & Roller Blades
- Money

Please Note:
Y Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The Four Core Values (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring) are relied on to help campers keep track of their belongings, keep their space organized, and return items that have been taken.

The Camp Dance and Social Event is an evening program that does not have a specific, formal dress code. Some campers do enjoy dressing up with nice, casual clothes for the evening (a sundress for girls and khaki shorts with polo for boys).

Lost & Found is located on the porch of the Auditorium. Campers will be encouraged to check for missing items. Parents should check the Lost & Found during Check-Out to claim their items. At the end of each session, items left behind are cleaned and donated to local charities. Items of significant financial value are held at the Camp Office through the Fall and then donated to local charities if not claimed.

Register for Camp
Register for Camp
Check in & out times

In: Sundays 1-2 pm
Out: Saturdays 9:30-11 am