Registration is OPEN for 2017.


For more information, please call (207-395-4200) or email Jodi at the Camp Office.

We have partnered with CampMinder to provide an online registration and database. After creating a username (your email address) and password, update your families information and then register your individual camper(s). Information will be saved from one year to another. When you camper becomes a Counselor and Alumni, their information will stay with them.

Health Forms, Parent Letters, Camper Letters, and other paperwork can be uploaded right in to the system for your convenience. Or, you can still send some forms to Jodi and she will upload them for you. Certain forms are required to be submitted online through your CampInTouch account that is set-up during your initial log-on.

When you have questions and feedback on the process, please let us know by email or phone (207-395-4200)