Board of Directors

Marty Allen, Winthrop (Treasurer)
Staff Member, Board Member, and Winthrop Community Member

Kate Bispham, Portland
Camper - 1999-2002
LIT - 2003
PA - 2004
Counselor - 2005-2006
Board Member since 2015.

My most memorable experience at YCamp is Sailing on Cobbossee and singing camp songs in the dining hall.

What makes YCamp special for me? The setting, from the sports fields, to the dining hall and auditorium, down to the waterfront, every part of camp has different memories for me and the setting was the backdrop.

I serve on the Board so that a new generation of kids can make memories just like I did.

I continue to sail to this day, including racing in college.

Tom Christensen, Bath
Camper - 1956 - 1959 and 1964
Board Member - 2005 - Present (Board Chair for 6 years)

As a camper, swimming, doing gymp, and overnights on Mosquito Island are forefront in my camp memories. And of course eating in the Dinning Hall and the round tables. 

Certainly the location of the camp makes it an exceptional place to experience nature and nurture. Being with people who care and the camaraderie of peers always made me feel safe and important. 

Today, the opportunity to support the mission of the camp with people who share a commitment to providing a camping experience for young people from all over the world is why I stay involved. 

I was the youngest camper when I first attended camp being only 6 years old in 1956. My parents probably had to pay extra for them to keep me all summer. 

James Corgan, Winthrop
Winthrop YMCA Program Committee, Winthrop Community Member

Morgan Dorsey, Bath
Camper - 1989-1996
Staff - 2001-2005 (Counselor, Unit Leader, Asst. Waterfront Dir., TAC Leader, and later worked at other YMCA's as a Program Director and YMCA Swim coach)
Board Member – 2016 - Present

As a camper, the Monster Hunt was my favorite activity! As a staff member, I loved leading WWW/TAC trips out of camp, campfires, rainy day activities – loved “grandmother’s suitcase.”

YCamp brings together a diverse group of youth and staff from Maine, US, and the world. Camp provides awesome opportunities for youth and young adults to learn new skills, development of team work, and leadership skills. My experience working at Y camp led me to eventually pursue a career in non-profit work, serving the community.

Interesting facts about myself – I am a US Lacrosse Official, High School Swim Coach, have a basset hound, and have been awarded The Youth Development Award from The YMCA of Southern Maine.

Travis Frautten, Readfield
Winthrop Native

Michael Kelly, Bath
Passionate Strategist & Maine Native

Patrick Keniston, Cape Elizabeth
Father of 2 YCampers since at least 2016

Jaime O'Connor, Auburn (CVO)
Camper - 1981 - 1989
Counselor, Unit Leader - 1991 - 1997
Program Director - 2003 - 2005
Board Member - 2013 - Present

There are so many great activities at camp and I was fortunate enough to teach a bunch of them. I loved teaching waterskiing on a crystal clear lake, making s'mores at outdoor cooking, fun-filled camp games in the Grove or playing floor hockey up at Sports. My favorite program area as a camper was Fifth Period Softball League. It seemed like all of camp was at those games. 


After being away from camp for a couple years, I stopped by to check it out for a wedding reception venue. When I opened my car door I was hit with a nostalgic YCamp smell of wood chips, pines, summer and sunshine, as well as the cool lake breeze coming up from Lake Cobbossee. I wish we could bottle the scent. Also YCamp friendships are extremely special. I had the opportunity to meet people from Maine, other states and abroad. 


After being a camp director for a co-ed overnight camp in Rhode Island, ​I moved back to Maine to be a stay-at-home mom for my children and I wanted to stay connected to my camping roots.  I joined the board to give back to the place I consider a second home and I am hoping my experiences in camping can help in some way. 


Can't think of anything interesting... I am married with two children and cat named Joey. My family is excited whenever we head up to YCamp as we continue the family tradition of being YCampers!

Lucy Peterson, Portland

Camper, LIT, PA, Counselor, Unit Leader, Waterfront Director and Board Member - 1998 - Present (with a small break in there)

My most memorable camp activities are Evening Programs. Particularly lip-syncs and Name that Tune!  And of course closing campfires.

The people make Y Camp so special to me. I have friends that I made day 1 and I still speak to them all around the world!

I serve on the board so that I can still be involved with Y Camp.  It has always been such a big part of my life that I wanted to continue being
involved and be able to give back to a place that gave so much to me while growing up.

What interesting fact can we all know about you?  I've climbed Mt. Katahdin 10 times!

Brad Sawyer, Augusta (Vice President)
Camper - 2000 - 2006
LIT & PA - 2007 - 2008
Counselor & Leader - 2008 - 2013
Board Member - 2015 - present (Current Vice-Chair)

My most memorable camp activity has to be sailing. I sailed a lot as a camper and ran the program for years as a staff member so that is definitely where I feel most at home while at Y-camp. 

YCamp is special because of how diverse it is. All camps have beautiful settings to offer great programs to kids but YCamp provides an environment for campers to learn about different people and different walks of life that ultimately leads to having a more complete world view. It's also a great place to just be a kid and get a break from the 24/7 world that most kids live in today. 

I serve on the board because I love YCamp. Camp was a wonderful place for me as a child, through my early 20's, and played such a large role in my development; I want to make sure kids across Maine, the United States, and the world have the same opportunity to grow at YCamp that I did. 

I was once the "missing camper" at camp. I maintain to this day that it wasn't my fault but the other 150 kids that had to rush to the tennis court in 2004 would probably disagree with that fact. 

Don Taylor, Portland (Secretary)
Maine Native, Cony Grad, father of 2 YCamps since 2012

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