Alumni Testimonials

"Y-Camp was my summer home for four seasons while I was in college. I worked with many talented people there and got quite attached to the place.

However, for various reasons I lost contact with the camp once I finished school. Typical story... you get your career going, meet your spouse and start a family. Every once and a while I'd run into someone who used to work with me or even former campers, but that was about it.

Then the strangest thing happened to me at the beginning of 2004. I dreamt I was talking with Barry Costa out on the dining hall porch. A few days later I recalled the dream and after researching the internet for a few moments, I read that Barry Costa was returning to be the new Executive Director at the State YMCA Camp. The internet came through once again when I successfully looked up his phone number. I was able to get a hold of him and he too was quite surprised. We talked for a very long time.

It was SO surreal returning to Y-Camp after all these years. I made it up a few times this past summer to help and visit. I hope to do even more this summer.

Anyone who has ever had the good fortune of working with or for Barry Costa knows that great things lie ahead at Y-Camp."

- Ryan Timothy Peary (1992-1996)

Y Camp, to this day, brings a special smile to my face and tear in my eye. My experiences were invaluable. I had great campers in my cabin and was especially fond of the year that I had "F" Troop in the Middler Village. God, they were great kids. As a matter of fact, I still communicate with a couple of campers. I also met the finest counselors and staff. I can only remember "good" times. I still remember Camp Director Dave Dellert playing "taps" on his trumpet as a camper and working hard for Camp Director Larry Gardella as a camp counselor and "his" Athletic Director. I miss those days!!!!

- Emil Genest (1968-1976)

"Looking at your web site actually brought tears to my eyes as I reflect over my tenure at Y camp. I served as a CIT in 1963, Junior Counselor in 64 and then in 69. This was under the direction of Dave Dellert. This experience led me to my thirty-six years in education and administration. The buildings are the same and the waterfront looks like the place where I taught swimming. However, it does seem unusual to see girls in the photos. I thank God that this environment has been kept in operation. What a great gift to kids."

- Mike Nadeau (1963-1969)

To this day I believe that working at the YMCA Camp of Maine was one of the best experiences of my life. Lessons learned during the course of a summer were a valuable experience.

Friendships made during the summer have never been forgotten.

- Jeffrey Kimball (1971-1975)

It was a great experience......and a very nice memory. I hope to come to maine one day to show my family around Y camp and beautifull Maine. I still remember Canooing at Attean Pond with Big Ed and our campers.....and all the good times we had at Camp....I kept using the `egg/drop` as an asignment in courses and lessons. Thanks for everything!

- Alian de Long (1995-1995)

The Maine YMCA Camp has had more impact on my development as an individual than any other institution, organization or group aside from my family and my Church. The YMCA has played a very important part in my life for which I am very thankful. This camp is the finest residential camping facility in the State of Maine and to this day remains the true "camp of character", Ensuring that Jeff Smith's positive vision for the youth of Maine continues to be its highest priority.

- George O'Keefe, Jr. (1996-2002)

Y Camp was quite the learning experience for me,both as a camper '45 and '47, as a kitchen worker, '54 and as a counselor,'55-'58. The skills I learned in teamwork, social skills and leadership were invaluable and they complimented or in some cases surpassed what I learned via public education and the university.

- Andy Newbert (1945-1958)

All of what I learned at Y camp I have used everyday of my life. The incredible memories of the pristine beauty I carry with me. The multitude of memories I have and laughter I shared with great friends has many times been the becon that has lighted the path.

A child learns to imagine, create and explore who they are and who they will become, at Y camp. The staff fosters an environment where that happens and growth expodes admist tons of fun and good times. Everyone should be so lucky to experience at least 1 week of this treasure!!

I still can smell the pine and Lake water....AHHH!

- Avril Jones (1972-1978)

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