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Counselors bring their talents and passions that add to the list of available choices. Campers choose their weekly schedules to be with friends, learn new skills, and to explore their own un-tapped talents.

Campers have the opportunity to choose their activities at the begining of each week. Counselors work with campers to understand their choices and help them create solutions if their "first picks" are already taken. Campers are chosen randomly to sign up. The random order is done in reverse for the second week of the session. This experience teaches decision making, prioritization, patience, and learning new skills.

All Jr. Cabins are assigned to a period of Swim Lessons. Cabin buddies get to share this experience together.

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Arts & Crafts
Challenge Course

Creature Catching

Overnight Camping
Paddle Boards

Street Hockey
Story Telling
Swim Lessons
Team Building


Counselors & Staff Members

All staff members and counselors at YMCA Camp of Maine participate in a week-long training program before any campers arrive for their first day. The training includes strategies for building community, cabin management, managing homesick campers, helping campers build positive relationship, and how to ensure everyone's safety. The topic of Child Abuse Prevention is discussed. All members of the YMCA Camp of Maine community play a role in detecting and reporting bullying and abuse.

Camp is a fun and rewarding experience. Counselors and staff members are chosen because of their talents, unique personalities, and desire to enrich the lives of young people through role modeling. The Senior Staff meet before the counselors arrive to discuss active supervision, responsibilities, training and programming.

Every year, counselors and staff members provide an application and references that are professional and personal. An annual background check is conducted on everyone. New staff are required to have an interview with the Director. Returning staff are in contact with the Director during the winter to talk about what responsibilities will be assumed during the next summer. Staff and counselors are evaluated periodically during the summer to ensure expectations are clear and everyone is on the same page.



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Explorers Camp

Are you and your camper thinking about trying overnight camp... but, still uncertain? Try three days and two nights at YCamp. Try several different camp activities, sleep in cabins, eat in the Dining Hall - EXPLORE CAMP! This program is for campers 7 - 9 years old.

Explorers will have their own cabins and participate in activities that are designed for their ages. This program is thoughtfully created to foster connections with campers and counselors, while making YCamp feel like home. Campers will get a taste of the YCamp Experience.

Check-In is from 10 - 11 am on Thursday.
Check-Out is from 10 - 11 am on Saturday.


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Healthy Kids Program

YMCA Camp of Maine is dedicated to providing an active and healthy environment.

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