Mission, Vision & Values

The Mission of The State YMCA of Maine is to provide camping and community programs that promote spiritual, mental, and physical growth, and respect the worth and dignity of all people. To oversee and supervise the Winthrop District Area YMCA. And to administer and sustain Maine’s Youth in Government Program.

Our Vision is to be the best boy’s and girl’s camp in Maine at developing character of campers, staff, and volunteers; and to provide high quality programs  through the Winthrop District Area YMCA.

Our Values are Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Service, and Teamwork.

The Board of Directors monitors the ongoing health of the organization. Good health requires that The State YMCA of Maine is providing programs that are in line with the mission, pushing the organization toward fulfilling the vision, and putting our values in to practice in all that we do. Developing a healthy financial status, creating a live Strategic Plans, and providing programs that answer our communities needs are all paramount in a successful charitable organization. The State YMCA of Maine strives to set the standard of quality for impacting campers, participants, families, community, and Alumni.