Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jaime O'Connor, Auburn (CVO)

Brad Sawyer, Halowell (Vice President)

Marty Allen, Winthrop (Treasurer)

Newell Augur, Augusta (Secretary)
Camper - 1975-1980
Counselor In Training - 1981-1982
Counselor - 1983
Board Member - 2004-present

My most memorable Y Camp experience… Where to start? The afternoon program where two teams carry water in a cup to the top of the road and then dig a little channel in the road to get the water to flow back down to Cobbossee Lake!

The mix of activities and campers make Y Camp special to me.

Why do you serve on the Board?

I serve on the Board because I love being a small part of the effort to make the Y Camp experience possible for the next generation of kids from Maine.

I used to be a football “play by play” announcer.

Tom Christensen, Bath
Camper - 1956 - 1959 and 1964
Board Member - 2005 - Present (Board Chair for 6 years)

As a camper, swimming, doing gymp, and overnights on Mosquito Island are forefront in my camp memories. And of course eating in the Dinning Hall and the round tables. 

Certainly the location of the camp makes it an exceptional place to experience nature and nurture. Being with people who care and the camaraderie of peers always made me feel safe and important. 

Today, the opportunity to support the mission of the camp with people who share a commitment to providing a camping experience for young people from all over the world is why I stay involved. 

I was the youngest camper when I first attended camp being only 6 years old in 1956. My parents probably had to pay extra for them to keep me all summer. 

Kate, Bispham, Portland

Lucy Ditzel, Portland
Camper, LIT, PA, Counselor, Unit Leader, Waterfront Director and Board
Member - 1998 - Present (with a small break in there)

My most memorable camp activities are Evening Programs. Particularly lip
syncs and Name that Tune!  And of course closing campfires.

The people make Y Camp so special to me. I have friends that I made day
1 and I still speak to them all around the world!

I serve on the board so that I can still be involved with Y Camp.  It has
always been such a big part of my life that I wanted to continue being
involved and be able to give back to a place that gave so much to me while
growing up.

What interesting fact can we all know about you?  I've climbed Mt. Katahdin
10 times!

Morgan Dorsey, Bath

William Munsey, Orono
Camper -1946-1952
CIT - 1953
Counselor - 1954-1959
CIT Director - 1959-1960
Board Member - 1965 to Present

My most memorable activities include - Chapel services, Waterfront Activities, Tribal Challenges, The counselor show, and so many more.

Camp is special based on the friends you meet, the fun of activities, the leadership of counselors, and the relaxing atmosphere of the camp environment.

I enjoy assisting the Camp Board to provide leadership to the success of the annual summer experience. If I grow, develop, and become a contributor to my community, then I have made a contribution to my community.

Having worked in the Education Community (for 50 plus years) has given me a sense of accomplishment to which I can be proud and providing a challenge to others to strive to achieve the same objectives.

Heather Priest, Augusta
Camper's Mom
Board Member - 2006-Present

It has been a pleasure to be a member of the Maine State YMCA Camp of Maine Board of Directors. Although I never experienced being a camper here, my daughter always looked forward to returning each summer and still cherishes memories of friends and activities. 

The YMCA Camp adventure is one that promotes self confidence, individual growth and respect; and I am very proud to be a part of this organization.

In addition to serving on the Board, I volunteer with high school athletics, community dinners and participate in Maine Cancer Foundation’s TRI For A Cure.

Dennis Ring, West Bath

Jim Wells, Oak Hill
Counselor / Program Staff - 1992 - 1994
Assistant Director - 1999 - 2001

My most memorable camp activity was an evening program called Potato Night. There was a surplus of potatoes in the kitchen, so we put them to good use creating mash statues, putting on a camp-wide potato hunt and then Potato Skits from each cabin.

What makes Y camp special is the relationships you form with each other - they will last a lifetime.

I serve on the board because Y Camp played a central role in making me who I am today, and I want to be sure that others get the same fantastic opportunities I received from Y Camp.

I can sing at an incredible volume, because of the voice training I had doing announcements at mealtimes.

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